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Working Queens Financial Solutions is a business that started in 2018. At first, it was something that I had only considered doing part-time for close friends and family. However, in 2019 I decided to go full time with it. I desire to help as many women and men, become financially free and literate. While also educating these individuals on how to remain stable and break poor spending habits. Growing up, I was not taught much about credit or how it could and would affect me long term. I was only told to "Save for a rainy day.”That still did not teach me the importance of financial literacy. So, of course, I learned the hard way, as soon as I turned 18, I applied for 3 major credit cards and maxed them all out. My credit was shot before I had even turned 19. I would need a cosigner for just about everything until I turned 22.

Things began to turn around and one would think I'd learn my lesson, but I had not. I continued to repeat my poor spending habits until around the age of 26 (2016). At this age, I decided I wanted better and that my children deserved better. I started to work on my credit and would soon begin reaping the benefits of instant approvals and no money down. Today, I work to ensure that my clients can enjoy those same luxuries. As a client of mine, not only will I work to get delinquent marks removed from your reports (legally), I will also provide you with tools to assist with future decisions you make regarding your credit.


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Quannesia Thomas

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